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Enjoy the Ease of Receiving Medications Through an Online Pharmacy

The world is a mere click away with the advent of the Internet. Besides being a hub of information, it has also made accessing online stores easy. Now, you can consult, and order medications using your Internet connection.

An online pharmacy is an electronic store that accepts orders over the Internet and delivers them to the home, or office of the customers, as requested. These types of services are helping millions of people around the globe. It is no less than a blessing for those who are just not capable of stepping out of their homes, or reluctant to queue at the clinic. Moreover, the best part about ordering online for medications is the privacy. There is no personal contact between the chemist and the patient since the processing is done through electronic communication at separate ends.

How Does the Online Process Work?

The process starts with a consultation first which is simple, faster and easier. The clinic will have a tab reading 'online consultation' on their website. The text on the tab may differ according to the design of the websites. Clicking on the tab will guide you to complete the consultation form. Along with the form, there will be a questionnaire on your medical health. It will not take much of your time and is the first step of the process. Read more canada cloud pharmacy reviews

After submitting the necessary details, a doctor will go through it. The electronic store will usually have more than one doctor to cater to different medical ailments. If something is missing in the details, you will need to provide it again, immediately when you receive a message in your mailbox. You will receive a login and a password. This will prevent others from accessing the interactions between you and the doctor.

The diagnosis may take 24 to 48 hours depending on the load of consultations the medical centre has. After the examination is over, you can access your account to see the prescription for medications. The prescription may contain all the listed medications and a price list. You can then select the drugs that suit your medical condition and click on the submit button of the website. After clicking, you will see a new window on your screen. This will be the last step of purchase where you need to submit details of your debit or credit card so that the service providers can arrange for delivery.

The service provider secures all the transaction and in case you need to repeat the prescription, you can simply login, crosscheck the details and then submit it. You will receive your order at the address you have specified.

Precautions to take before making online orders

Though online consultation and services are available 24 hours, please check the office hours of the store. Then, check the number of days they need to dispatch your order. Confirm their delivery services. Most importantly, confirm if they are adhering to the codes imposed by Pharmaceutical Societies.

DEA Extortion Cons - Online Pharmacies Let Criminals In

Online pharmacies are on the rise, and so is the number of people going to them to fill their prescriptions. Even with insurance, necessary medications can be very expensive. The economy being the way it is now, most of us don't have that kind of money anymore. Online pharmacies often fill your prescriptions at a far cheaper rate than your local Walgreens or CVS. They also usually don't require a prescription from your doctor. It sounds like a good deal, but most of these pharmacies are running against U.S. pharmacy laws. You're careful when you order your medications, but not too careful. You might not even know that these pharmacies are operating illegally.

And then you get the phone call. A DEA Agent is on the other line. He warns you that he knows you're buying prescriptions from illegal online pharmacies, and that you're going to jail. He knows all of your information, he knows which medications you ordered and he knows where you live. He might even show up at your doorstep. It's not uncommon. On the phone, he says he'll find you. But you have a choice, you can be arrested, or pay a fine.

It's almost a no-brainer. The fine is very hefty, but would you rather go to jail? You offer to pay willingly, seeing no other option. Then the DEA Agent asks you to wire the money to him via a money order. That's odd. Doesn't really seem like the way the DEA would handle money. take more info canadian prescription pharmacy

Probably because it's not. If you're in this situation, you've probably been scammed. It all seemed so real. How did they have your information? How did they know what your prescription was? The answer, unfortunately, isn't a pleasant one. They most likely run the online pharmacy you ordered from. They have your name, your address, your credit card or bank account number. They know your order. They call you, sounding cool and calm, and threaten you with imprisonment unless you pay them money. In some cases they'll even show up at your house with the same intimidating plan. But they aren't real. These online pharmacy extortion scams have been increasing and the real DEA has put out press releases and warnings against them.

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